Fritz McDonald

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I work in metaethics, with a focus on issues related to truth, meaning, reason, and the metaphysics of ethical facts and properties. My work on these issues has been highly influenced by deflationary theories of truth. I have developed accounts of deflationism regarding truth, properties, and facts. I am also interested in the proper analysis of freedom and agency, and how freedom and agency relate to moral responsibility. My most recent published work is on Wittgenstein, especially the interpretation of Wittgenstein offered by the distinguished Indian philosopher R.C. Pradhan; and on the debates over the objectivity of reasons between Bernard Williams and Derek Parfit. Besides my work in metaethics, normative ethics, philosophy of language, and metaphysics, I have published papers on the philosophy of linguistics, considering the nature of linguistic entities and how linguistics and psychology relate. I am currently doing work on metaethical constructivism and moral knowledge.


I am originally from New Jersey. Before moving to Michigan, my wife and I lived in New Paltz, NY, Brooklyn, NY, and New Brunswick, NJ. We both went to Rutgers University for undergrad degrees. I went to the CUNY Graduate Center for my doctorate. I am interested in travel, sports, music, art, cooking, and tech.

You can find my published papers at:

Oakland University Faculty Page